Welcome to the worlds smartest online School for Money, Careers, and success mentoring.  We are a truly Global Affair at Mentoring International.  We want you to live your happy ever after.  We want to help you accelerate your success, your career, your lifelong education and income as FAST as possible.  I am a teacher - mentor, and we promote world-class mentors, through our books, podcasts, partnerships and collaborations.  We impart skills of success and confidence and fully encourage and support your exquisite re-invention. You CAN rocket your finances. You can own your happiness. You can achieve your WILDEST dreams. You can live your happy ever after, your fairy tale.

Despite all the negativity out there in the world.  This site is a haven for you to get inside advise, motivation and guidance.  We celebrate who you truly are, the ups and the downs.  The good, the bad and the ugly.  So BELIEVE you can do the job of your dreams, find your vocation, become financially secure, find your passion, reach your money goals and become a BIG success! Some of you just haven't found the right mentors, YET.  Some of you just haven't found the right tools you need, YET!  We offer a truly unique service.  Of personal advancement and career advancement.  We will fast track you whether your employed, self employed, creative, academic or can't identify with any of these.  And we believe you can be #selfmade.                                                                

We can help you create abundance in your finances.  Get from Zero to Hero as fast as you can dream of.  We will help you not just erase debt in the shortest time possible but to reach your goals...#millionaire...#billionaire.  We welcome you to this unique school of mentoring, this is a rare opportunity to work with some of the most successful women in the world - the 'Female Alchemists'. Learn from women who have raised the bar, led by example, and practice what they teach.  We invite you to take a look around, to fill your cup of inspiration up, and start working with a Female Alchemist today.  If you want to change your life.  Be considered for mentoring please get in touch at office@mentoringinternational.com   

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