Involved with Chris Barez-Brown on a new book Posted on 05 Feb 13:13 , 0 comments

Greetings gorgeous ones, I have exciting news - I starting 2016 with a bang!  I am working with Chris Barez-Brown and Psychologies magazine on a new book called Wake up!  Chris's energy is contagious, he uses fabulous metaphors and lives life large.  So I am delighted to be part of this movement and experiment.  Each week I will be experimenting and creating more happiness.

I am looking forward to diving deep into Waking up a little more each day.  To knowing more and more I have enough -I am enough.  A wake up call to feeling like something is missing, do I need more shoes, do I need another hand bag, do I need chocolate.  And then I pause and make that inside connection.  Well actually, NO.  And then I feel space, peace and enough.  Yes, I am enough. And yes, collectively we are enough. 

With sunshine from SLW HQ,

Sara Lois Wilson

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