Make 2016 The-best-year-of-your-life! Posted on 04 Feb 21:27 , 0 comments

Dear Friends, Family and Fortune Seekers,
I invite you along with me to make 2016 fantastic, fulfilled, fearless, fantabulous, favorite, feel good and a year to flourish like never before. 
I walk the talk.  And live the words.  I want us to be friends, family and fortune seekers.  I want to be all in with you for a f-it year!
I am convinced there are multiple ways we can be ambassadors for ourselves, for family and friends and for the world.  I am here for you if you want me to be a conduit for that.  I want to shine a light on sparkly visionaries - that's you!  And when it gets tough, come here and hang out with us for some T L C.  
The goal of the Male and Female Alchemist's is to change lives and give hope to 1 billion homeless people.  And empower the rest of us blessed with homes to be a conscious patron of themselves, families, communities and the world. 
We all can create a fairytale story.  A happy-ever-after.  I went from home-less at 13, to a master home maker.  With a lot of persistence, a clear vision, not taking a no for an answer and hard work I became an Interior Designer to celebrities and secret millionaires.  I became a multiple home owner.  I became a spiritual warrior and went from Interior Designer on the outside, to Interior Designer on the inside.  A sage in Manolo Blahniks. You can pre-order and read my soon to be released book under the same name, to learn about that sweet journey.  It charters the search to come home, to find home in our hearts.  Which I have now found. 
I am fortunate enough to be invited to global events to brainstorm with leaders like the UN, at summits and conferences.  I am collaborating, partnering and sharing space with incredible authors, magazines, publishing houses and visionaries this year.  I want to work with you.  If your a visionary and your reading this and would like to contribute please get in touch.  
I'd love to know YOUR Fairytale.  
I'd love to know what I can do for you?  
I am here to serve you, whichever way I can.
I will be sharing delicious excepts from my Fairytale story.
In the meantime, make sure you have an f-it year!  Fantastic, fulfilled, fearless, fantabulous, favorite, feel good and a year to flourish like never before. 
With sunshine
Sara x
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