How to look FEAR in the eye and wink! Posted on 11 Feb 23:53 , 0 comments

Hi there friends, family and fortune seekers,

How do we deal with fear.  We all have different ways.  Here are the key ways successful people look FEAR in the eye and wink at it.

So we all have fear - that's part of the package of being a human being.  And we all deal with fear differently, so what is the difference between someone who does not let fear stop them in their tracks. And someone who feels PARALYZED by fear.  The difference is that successful people feel the fear.  They shake.  They sweat.  They get rashes.  Blotches.  Dry mouth.  Feel sick.  And are vunerable.  But what happens next.  This is key, because you see the next step is not to bolt and run.  To drop out.  Step down.  To create a brilliant, convenient EXCUSE.  Instead they chose to look fear in the face and wink.

I want you to know what I have learnt from some of the most fearless women on the planet.  Take Arianna Huffington for example.  For me she is undeniably fearless. Arianna is one of my mentors, even before she knew it.  And what was it that helped bust through fear to create one of the most popular websites on the planet.  Her inside secret to being fearless is here and I am happy to share her secret weapon, meditation HERE  

We have to play the game because we have to BE IN IT TO WIN IT. And if we DON'T make a start we will never know. If we don't play our cards we will forever be saying - what if?  

Instead we have to ask WHAT'S NEXT?

With sunshine

Sara Lois Wilson

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