Create something BIGGER than you! Posted on 14 Feb 20:55 , 0 comments

Dear Friends, Family and Fortune Seekers,

Have you ever had a problem in life that seem to get the better of you.  Can I let you into a secret?

OK here it is... create something BIGGER than the problem.  It is a little like saying you can't fight fire with fire.  Let me explain further. When you feel pain or sadness over adversity, there is a gap, sometimes big and sometimes painful. And sometimes you wrestle with how do I get OVER this.  

Well this is the antidote.  The medicine is to create a legacy. YOUR legacy.  Something that is so BIG and so FANTASTIC that if you created it you could not help but laugh out loud.  It would be larger than life and so BOLD that you feel dizzy by just thinking about this.

So, to conclude if your feeling pain, some gap, some adversity.  Get your pen and paper out and write your LEGACY down.  Write the story and change the ending of your fairy tale.   

It does not matter where you came from or where you are right now. Just believe it's going to be DIFFERENT, from NOW ON...

Remember to grow every day and eventually you become LARGER than LIFE.

With sunshine

Sara Lois Wilson

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