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Dear Friends, Family and Fortune Seekers,

I'm writing to you from the Mentoring International HQ, I want to talk about a very bold and daring #self made Female Alchemist - Kris Jenner.

You may have opinions of Kris Jenna the momager who runs the Kardashians Dynasty.  Personally I admire her because she is strong and a pioneer in business. She has managed to go places others can only dream of and broker deals other managers just simply have not been to. She has 'managed' to ask for consistent record breaking multi million dollar payouts that mere mortals would not dream of being audacious enough to ask for.  ASKING has been the key to Kris Jenner's success.  And Kris knows if you don't ask, you don't get!   

This is what I learnt from the momager, as she writes in her book, "If someone says NO your talking to the wrong person".  

Her point is:

AVOIDING gatekeepers.  

Talk ONLY to decision makers.

WHO you surround yourself with is important.

Don't WASTE time with naysayers.  

The first point of gatekeepers comes down to advanced NETWORKING skills. And that is something Kris has in abundance.  If you meet the right people they can elevate you to places you could have only dreamt of before. You need to get in front of the DECISION MAKERS. These are people who have the power to OPEN DOORS. These people offer exclusive insights.  They can generously say YES because they are in a place of abundance and are fortunate enough to be in a position of power and able to give. Once your through that gate though your on sacred ground.  The odds are now in your favor. 

The second point of talking to decision makers is equally important.  Because you will spend time in meetings and you will spend time pitching and selling your fabulous idea. As meetings come to a close it's common to hear the other person concluding by saying, "Thank you for this.  I have to take this to my boss and see what he/she says!".  Your brilliant pitch is at best now a watered down second hand account and you can guarantee that the proposal or idea is not going to come across with the same passion, information, knowledge and energy you gave to this. Time is precious.  We only have a finite time here on this earth.  Make a B line to the Decision Maker and hit them with it the first time around.

The third piece of advice from Kris is WHO you surround yourself with is important. Kris lives in a world where her besties are high flying film producers, actresses and business owners.  This wonder woman has on speed dial some big movers and shakers. Including her friend and now business partner Ryan Seacrest.  It is highly likely your friends are NOT going to turn you down.  At the very least they will give you a shot.  So make sure you genuinely mingle as you mingle genuinely with people just like you - the ones who were destined for greatness.

And lastly don't WASTE time with naysayers.  If you have a passion for your mission you wont want to WASTE time with NO people. Your not a quitter if you go back and remind someone, and it shows persistence if you don't accept no the second time.  But if your still around the same person after a third NO! it's time to get out there and make some new friends.  It's time to mingle with the movers and find some new networks.  It's time to upgrade your time.  Time you don't want to waste.  You want to make progress in the shortest possible time.  Move on and find your YES person.  There are plenty out there.  As a great sales person would remind you, it's a numbers game.

Your YES person is the one who is by your side from the outset. Who warmed to you from the moment they met you.  Who gave you a chance and a big break. Who saw something when you couldn't. The world is full of YES people.  It is our sacred mission in life to search out and find those people that we have these unique agreements with.  Because when you eventually find them, you will wonder why it took you so long to believe and find it was out there all along.

Never forget, your cheer leaders are out there, they have your back. They believe in you 100%.  It's their mission to help you, to guide you to make that quantum leap.  You already have mentors out there.  You already have your agent and book deal.  You already have that job - you just haven't found these yet.

And always remember when the students ready the teacher will appear.  

What are you waiting for?

With sunshine

Sara Lois Wilson

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