Be a Celebrity Interior Designer in 90 days Posted on 03 Mar 16:02 , 0 comments

Dear Friends, Family and Fortune Seekers,

Hello and greetings from Mentoring International HQ who are temporary in Bangkok, Thailand!  

Bangkok is the second most visited cities in the world after London, and I am so inspired to be here and see all the beautiful interior inspiration that Bangkok offers.

This post is dedicated to the ladies and men who know they should be an Interior Designer.  To the ones who dread going to work because you know you should be in a different job.  You know you deserve to be in a job where you get paid to live your dream.  To be paid to be creative.  To help other people.  You know who you are.  You know you have it in you.  But there is some resistance holding you back. So now is the time to make this change.  

I'm going to give you a few pointers to get you started, TODAY!

So lets find out what your resistance is.  Is it you think you don't have the money. You don't have the skills.  Or you don't have the confidence.  The reality maybe that non of these are the problem - it may be internal resistance and you need to change your mindset.  And we can build on your confidence.

So you can start out small or jump in.  Whatever you do make sure you make a start.

Move forward.  Move towards your goals.  Even if you take baby steps every day. You are one step closer to your dream.

Dedicate a space in the house to your interior Design work, or if you have the room turn a spare bedroom into your studio.  Make this your official studio. 

Make this really inspiring place to work.  Put your desk by a window.  Collect some inspiring storage baskets, containers or put up some shelves for samples, catalogs, books and files.

Start finding your signature style and build a file of ideas and inspirations.  Collect samples, wood chips, finishes, fabric swatches, trimmings, surface samples etc.

Identify what, where and who inspires you.  Where is your favorite interior.  Is it a restaurant, a hotel, a shop, a bar, a cafe, a friends house, or somewhere more creative like a National Trust property or a castle.

Check our local, National and International Interior Designers.  I have been inspired by Kelly Wearstler and Kelly Hoppen.  Find who inspires YOU!

Spend a day in London, the Kings Road, Fulham Road and South Kensington, and an afternoon at Chelsea Harbour, be inspired, collect samples, approach companies about working with them.  

Sign up and register for trade shows like, Decorex, top drawer, 100% Design and Maison Objet in Paris.

Begin with the above and you will have PLENTY to get you started.  You have no excuse.  Start at least one of the above TODAY.

If you would like to work with me.  I offer a one hour POWER coaching session over the phone or skype to help you make the transition.  Even if you have trained you may still want to go through the step by step plan to setting up your business. I've been there. I can teach you how to create a LUCRATIVE business whether your full or part time.

I'd love to help you!  Send an email to the to schedule.

And I'd love to connect with you on twitter @AlchemistFemale

With sunshine 

Sara x