The Best Year Of Your Life 2.0 Posted on 19 Mar 19:43 , 0 comments

Dear Friends, Family and Fortune Seekers,

I wrote an article early on in the year talking about Your Best Year yet. With me being your accountability buddy I am checking in with you for a Non Exec Directors pow wow as we are coming up to the end of the first quarter of the year.  Yep I am holding you accountable. I wanna see some rocking Results (note the use of capitals for importance) by the time we hit Xmas I want you looking, feeling and acting like a Champion.  

If you want to achieve your Trojan target we need to talk about Really powerful mindset changes to get some 'velocity' of action.  Lets start by simply saying what is your No. 1 goal.  For this article were going to use the example of doing a TED talk (and I recommend you focusing on no more than three goals at a time).  Next lets take a look at the action plan list.  A list of your tangible goals.  A really great example of getting started would be to apply and become a TED Fellow.  Another tangible action would be to watch a live TED talk.  

So are you on track?  Have you started cultivating relationships yet? Have you researched what the most successful speeches are?  Have you started upgrading your mindset? Have you added this to your vision board and worked on creative visualization towards this?  Have you been to Toastmasters to up-level your public speaking skills?  Have you started to raise your media profile? Have you decided what your message will be?

People who are up there on stage are no different to you or I.  We think they are the 'experts', or that they have the 'right connections and mentors', or they 'got lucky'.  The truth is they are 'the expert', they have the 'right connections' and plenty of good 'luck'.  But the epiphany is they 'practiced for 10,000 hours' to be the expert, they 'cultivated' the right connections and they 'created' their own luck because the saying goes 'the harder you work the luckier you get'.

Spend some quality 'me' time cultivating the mindset of what you want.  Upgrade yourself, don't wait to be asked.  I know your one of those people who knows where you are is different from where you want to be.  Turn up the dial.  Dive into a parallel universe.  Just imagine for a moment that absolutely everything is supporting you. That your phone or electrical gadgets were run off imaginary kryptonite or quarts crystals, just like the most superior watches. Picture the people who are waiting to come into your life to help you. Btw, have you lost count of the amount of times successful people say I am here to serve? - I know I have so find them.  Understand the people who are already in your life are there for a reason, including the people who drive us crazy and prompt our spiritual growth. Everyone we need to know, and everything we need to learn is at our fingertips, thanks to technology, high speed internet connections, phones and other means.

As we come to the end of our meeting for our first quarter, I want you to get 'more' creative, crank up your efforts and have a lot of fun. Most importantly make your year Fearless (note the capital F), Fantastic, Fulfilled, Fantabulous, Favourite, Feel Good and a year to Flourish like never before.  This is your year - go and claim your F-it year!

With sunshine,

Sara Lois Wilson x

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