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As a Professional writer and business owner my daily schedule is set by time lines.  Once I've had breakfast and set my intention I usually sit down at my desk and discipline myself to write.  On most days my work flows but on occasional days I need inspiration.  But whether I am in my flow or not I am present, focused and writing.  There are a myriad of ways and examples you can turn professional overnight.  

My second holy grail of being a professional is living your passion. Because when you commit to an endeavor you really have to feel passionate otherwise you will not stay the course.

This leads me to:- taking your work seriously, which is not to be confused with taking yourself too seriously.  If you want to stay the course, are serious and are in it for the long term you need to look after yourself, your mind and body.  That means sometimes getting a massage, meditating and eating more healthy.  Whatever helps you perform optimally.  

From eating well, to dressing well, every professional knows that looking the part puts you in the right mindset.  Sometimes jeans and a t-shirt isn't dressing for success.  What does a NY times best selling author look like.  What does a NY times best selling author dress like.  Make sure your giving out the right signals to yourself and to your peer group.   

Make sure you have the tools of the trade.  The right computer, phone, even the right desk. Some tools are 'essentials', some are non-essential like books, or other gadgets but know they enhance your performance and get you ahead.

Talking of getting ahead, you can't be professional if you don't have a coach.  If you don't have one, your not going to get to the next level.  Your playing too small.

Along with a coach you want to be in the right professional organisations and associations.  The ones I've been a member of I have benefited through training, networking, and meeting incredible business owners.  That's priceless!

From joining professional clubs, organisations and associations you meet like-minded peers.  What Seth Godin calls your tribe.  Inspire and be inspired.  Learn, hang out with and collaborate with other professionals.

Become a social media PR wonder.  That means regularly post columns, tweet, and keep your content inline with your brand.

My last turning pro tip is to become an ambassador or a trustee. Some of these positions are paid - some aren't.  You get to give your expertise, and to give back.  In return they give you connections, kudos and experience.

If you would like more professionalism and polish in your life overnight!  I recommend you check out my course that will be available in April called 'Join the Professionals Club'.

With sunshine 

Sara Lois Wilson

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