How to fall in love with yourself - book launch 2016 Posted on 24 Feb 15:06 , 0 comments

Love letters from a Female Alchemist is the book inspired and written by some of the most successful women in the world...the book will show you how to fall in love with the perfectness of yourself!  This beautiful book is a memoir of exerts from the worlds living Female Alchemists.  In case your wondering what a Female Alchemist is, she is a woman who has achieved a high level of success, who has maybe achieved recognition against the odds, they are women who are living the dream because of their belief and application. They are the women who are living an incredible life with ease and success. This books passes on that wisdom, preparing and creating good fortune for you, so you can #LOVE YOUR LIFE and yourself even more!  

This invincible and uplifting E-book will be launching 2016.  You can pre-order your copy on the products page soon for only £12.99.